Before sending us your wedding invitation design files, in PDF format, please make sure they meet the following requirements:

Type and Artwork

Vector-based type and artwork are the best options for letterpress printing. If you must use raster-based art, such as scanned calligraphy, you need to convert the scan into a 50% Threshold bitmap (.bmp) at 1200 pixels per inch.


We need .125″ of bleed art for any part of your design that runs off the edge of the paper.

File Set-up Preferences

Submit your files as a Press-Ready PDF following the steps and meeting the Verify criteria below. We’ll review your files before any materials are ordered and will contact you if anything needs some attention.

Export a Press-ready PDF

  • Convert type to outlines.
  • Designate colors in Pantone Solid Uncoated or 100% Black CMYK.
  • Select Crop Marks and Registration Marks from the Marks and Bleeds section of the export dialog box.

Verify the PDF file

  • Open each exported file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Select …/Print Production/Output Preview.
  • Verify that the art and text is specified in Process Black and/or the correct Pantone color channels by selecting and deselecting the appropriate check boxes.
  • Verify that no anti-aliasing is evident, pixels should only be black or white in a raster graphic that was converted to a .bmp file.

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